Vertical Blinds Fabric    

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How to wash Woven-Edge fabric?

Woven-Edge louvers are easy to wash.
Following a simple procedure, louvers can be washed
as often as required.

1. For best results, lay louvers flat (bathtub is recommended).
Use a sponge and wash both sides with mild soap and lukewarm water.
Quick method: Woven-Edge louvers can be washed while hanging
on track. Use two sponges and wash both sides simultaneously
from top to bottom.

2. Rinse it.

Important: DO NOT scrub. Don't use washing machine.

How to dry Woven-Edge fabrics?
Woven-Edge louvers dry quickly at room temperature (8-16 hours)
depending on louver length.
For best results, hang louvers vertically or, attach louvers back on track
and allow for water to drip off.

Important: DO NOT wrinkle. Don't use dryers.