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What is sustainability and what is RCH Industries doing about it?

What is "Sustainability"? Simply put, sustainability means meeting the needs of today's generation without compromising the needs of future generations.

We recognize sustainability is a global approach to developing economic growth without harming our planet or exhausting its resources while improving the quality of life for its current and future.

RCH Industries remains fully committed to the environmentally responsible development because we recognize that sustainable development is the collective responsibility of government, business, and individuals.

Recycling process (How it works?)
1.Plastic bottles are collected throughout communities and send to local collection center where it is crushed and pressed into bales before it is send to a recycler.

2.At recycling plant, bottles get chopped into flakes and then washed and dried, using only clear (translucent) post-consumer PET plastic beverage containers, this recycling process is done under trade name UltrePET.
3.PET flakes are used as the raw materials in extrusion process by yarn manufacturer to make polyester filament yarns. The yarn is made under trade name Eco-fil™
4.Polyester filament yarns are used in the weaving process for manufacture vertical blind fabrics core layer where the outer layers of fabric are coated with virgin materials, resulting in no sacrifice in quality of the finished product.

Vertical Blinds Fabrics